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Today, most people are on the go and accessing the internet using their smartphones.  If you don't have a mobile version of your website, Griffin Consulting & Design can build it and make the process easy.  

  • a Mobile Site allows one-click dialing of your phone number (great for restaurants that want to boost their take-out volumes)
  • a Mobile Site provides turn-by-turn directions and has a 'find the nearest location' feature â€‹
  • our Mobile Sites can be viewed on all models of smartphones (like Android, Blackberry, and iPhone) 

​​If you are pleased with your current website and only want a mobile version, we can design one without impact to your current web design. We simply provide coding to your webmaster to embed on your existing website so the mobile version will be recognized on smartphones.  
In most cases, we can convert a website to a mobile version in just 5 days.  
Call us today at 912/441-4052 - our consultation is free!

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