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Here are a few of our site designs.   

If you don't have a website or need one revamped, Griffin Consulting & Design can assist and make the process easy!  

In most cases, we meet once with our clients to gather the basic information needed for an initial site build - then, we're off!  

  • Don't have a logo?  We'll create one for you.  
  • Don't have forms or have ones that need revising?  We'll handle that for you and place them on your website as .pdf files.  
  • Don't have bios on your physicians? Just provide us with the c.v.'s and we'll create them for you.
  • Don't have photos of your business or staff?  We'll come to your location for the photo shoot.  
  • Need a patient portal along with online bill payment capability?  We can add those features to your website.  

It is not uncommon for us to have a website published within 14 days.  Our site designs are responsive which means they adjust to the size screen you're viewing them on (i.e., an iPad or personal computer).  

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